Who’s Badewanne

Badewanne is a non-profit organization representing a group of voluntary divers that have been documenting shipwrecks in the Gulf of Finland (known during WW II as „Badewanne“) for more than 20 years. We are a multi talented team with a broad skill set on underwater video, still photography, drawing & painting, 3D modelling, underwater engineering, marine biology and environmental sciences.

Unmapped rocky waterways in the era of sailing ships, evacuations of Hanko and Tallinn, submarine warfare and more than 60.000 mines laid during WWII have all left their marks to the history of Gulf of Finland, creating an underwater time capsule that tells its story of the past. As a result of our work we have a large amount of high quality material available from various projects ranging from 17th century sailing ships to marvels of modern days.


Our mission is to publish our research findings and documentary material to make the general public aware of the unseen maritime history. Our projects vary from pristine 17th century merchant vessels to large WW II era fighting ships that were lost in action.

Regardless of the original nationality, we respect all wrecks that we are documenting as graves of those sailors and soldiers who once faced their fate while at the sea.


We are working in close collaboration with the Finnish Board of Antiquities, Military Museum of Finland and navies, archives and researchers around the world.